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Go is compiled, php, python, java(VM compiled) are interpreted that means everytime you load the page, the whole gets interpreted and then code is loaded whereas Go is compiled into binaries, no significant loading times.

  1. No runtimes to worry about, if you are using python or php, you need to have that same version of language runtime installed on your server(s), not with go, here everything is compiled to a single binary file including 3rd party packages.
  2. It is statically typed, so no surprises mismatch type during runtime.
  3. Concurrency is easy with Go(can be achieved in Java but again, its easy using Go), also Javascript and php are good for single threaded application.
  4. Go can be compiled to give binaries for mac, windows and linux.
  5. Excellent package management
  6. Excellent testing facility.
  7. Easy and concise to learn.
  8. It has garbage collector, includes a runtime
  9. Downplays exception handling
  10. There is only 1 way to write code, hence no confusion in terms of how a dev wants to implement in their own style.

That’s all forks.

I hope you got clarity out of this article.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, so feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Twitter or respond in the comments below, that’d be great.

If you are confused about which programming language is good for you, read this.

Till then stay alive.



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